Areas Of Focus

Our Areas of Focus

At UDA Creative Arts Preschool your child will embark on an exciting journey that will help them soar to great heights. We specialize in creating well-rounded, imaginative, confident, bright, and independent individuals. With an emphasis on the creative arts, we engage and develop both the right and left hemispheres of the brain, building knowledge and important skills for success. Our hands on curriculum teaches children to love learning and embrace challenge.

Our eight areas of focus build a solid foundation and provide a cohesive unit of study that gives meaning and understanding to young children.

  • Dance/Creative Movement

    Develops coordination, large motor skills, rhythm, expression, emotion and balance

  • Music

    Builds listening skills, patterning, and rhythm, interpretation of sound, discipline and concentration. We encourage music based learning, so you may hear your child singing about numbers, insects and days of the week.

  • Art

    Refines visual perception and fine motor skills. Increases creativity, imagination and appreciation of surroundings and introduces the world of color and color blending.

  • Social Studies

    Provide a cohesive curriculum that helps children explore, understand and appreciate the world in which we live. Our thematic weekly units cross subject matter lines and give meaning and understanding to young children.

  • Science

    Fosters inquisitive minds and encourages children to discover answers to “Why?” and “How?” Scientific exploration teaches deductive reasoning and critical thinking skills.

  • Math

    Creates a foundation of analytical thinking and expands potential for learning in all other subjects. Logic, sequencing and patterning provide children with excellent problem solving skills.

  • Reading/Writing

    Builds confidence and creates a thirst for knowledge. Words and books come to life, creating joy and excitement about reading.

  • Character Development

    Reinforces values such as honesty, compassion; responsibility and respect, and help children internalize the concept that our actions affect others.