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Individualized Instruction for Your Preschooler

At UDA Creative Arts Preschool in Draper, we believe we don’t teach a class -- we teach a child. This means your child’s individual development is taken into consideration at all times throughout the day and in our planning.

Our preschool teachers are trained to actually look at each student and learn about their likes and dislikes, challenges and strengths, and more. Because we are concerned about each and every child’s development, comfort, and happiness, we are skilled at adapting and adjusting to accommodate a variety of needs and personalities. Our organized classrooms, trained teachers, and innovative curriculum give us the right environment to allow your child to reach her full potential.

We Observe and Assess So We Can Adjust

We don’t believe that every child has to do things the exact same way. We don’t hold each child to the same standards. In fact, we trust that when children are given the opportunity to explore, they come to richer and deeper conclusions and understandings than they would have otherwise developed.

Because of this, our curriculum allows for plenty of time to ask questions, learn through hands-on activities, try new things, and solve problems. And our teachers guide and observe children with a keen eye to pick up on both their challenges and strengths. We notice when a child is flying through letter recognition, and we pay attention when a child struggles with speech. We then adjust our teaching for that child to help him get to his next level.

In addition to observation throughout the day, we conduct regular assessments of your child to help us understand what he currently knows. This helps us to learn how to motivate your child in the right way for his or her particular personality. Through careful observation and an understanding of who your child is, we know how to gently guide him/her to greater challenges -- and when to step back.

How Do We Do This?

We don’t compare your child to the other children in the class. Our individualized teaching is all about the next step for YOUR child -- both socially and academically. Every day, the children break into small groups and rotate through several centers where they learn math, reading, writing, and more. This gives our teachers the time and ability to work closely with children at different levels. We’re able to see what each child knows, and help them get to their next step.

There is no value judgment. Each child is at a different place, and we are only concerned with helping your child reach her highest potential.

Low Student/Teacher Ratio Allows Us More One-on-One Time

Because of our low student/teacher ratio at UDA Creative Arts Preschool, Draper, your child gets plenty of individualized attention each day, while also enjoying the benefits of interacting with a group of peers. We strike a careful balance between group activities and one-on-one instruction that gives your child a full, enriching preschool education.

We are more concerned about your child’s brain than about memorization or drilling. That’s why our curriculum focuses on the creative arts in an effort to develop the whole child. Through many hands-on discovery activities, creative movement, and so much more, your child learns concepts and picks up on new ideas in ways that would be impossible with basic sit-down worksheet learning.

Over and over, we focus on helping your child get to their next step. While we provide both individualized learning and group instruction, we are not concerned with getting each child on the same page. This means your child will not be held back when she is capable of more. It also means your child will not be pushed beyond what he is capable of doing.

We love your children and want the best for them, and we know that an individualized approach to progress will help your child find joy in learning and success in mastering concepts.

Your child will thrive with our focus on individualized learning and our comprehensive creative arts curriculum that develops the whole child. Feel free to call us at (801) 523-5930 or contact us online to schedule a visit.