What Sets Us Apart?

What Set's UDA Creative Preschool Apart?

  1. Our Innovative Curriculum

    Students will learn reading, writing, math, science and social studies with their homeroom teacher and rotate through Art, Dance/Tumbling and Vocal/Instrumental Music classes taught by specialists. We offer more than preschool basic instruction. Our curriculum gives you the added value of dance, art, music and tumbling classes.

  2. Our Teachers

    We carefully screen and select the very best providers of early childhood education. Our teachers regularly complete ongoing training and professional development to improve and sharpen skills. Training includes monthly training meetings, weeklong training each fall, and a weekend training each spring taught by the National Association for the Education of Young Children.

  3. Our Small Student/Teacher Ratio

    Small class sizes allow students to work individually with teachers as well as in large and small groups: this allows teachers to adjust activities for students who need more challenge, or extra assistance.

  4. More Class Time

    Most preschools designate the first 15 minutes as arrival time and the last 15 minutes as departure time; having students sit in a waiting area until the teacher takes them to class or their parents pick them up. This process wastes 30 minutes of learning time each day. At UDA Creative Arts Preschool we have structured our time so your child is immersed in a rich learning environment from the moment they arrive, until they are picked up. We take every opportunity and use every minute to develop the children in our care.

  5. Our Unique Approach

    Our goal is to develop the whole child, focusing on their physical, intellectual, creative, emotional and social development. With this in mind, we incorporate current research to provide the most complete and inclusive preschool education available. We do not believe any one method to be the complete answer to early childhood education. Here is how our philosophies match up with some styles you may be familiar with:

    Montessori: Our classrooms are child centered, with the teacher acting more as a learning facilitator than the source of knowledge. Children are treated as responsible individuals and learn to manage themselves. We maintain a daily routine so children know what to expect and what is expected of them.

    Reggio: We believe in hands on discovery-based learning that allows a child to use all of their senses in their quest for knowledge. The preschool room is set up for self-discovery and learning. We encourage children to follow their innate curiosity, which drives their interest to understand their world and their place within it. Children are listened to with respect, believing that their questions are opportunities to learn and search for knowledge together. Teachers do not simply provide answers to questions, but help the child discover answers for themselves. This teaches children that they are capable of discovering knowledge and increases their confidence and natural curiosity. Children are encouraged to communicate openly and effectively with their teachers, and peers. While learning to listen and respond to verbal and non-verbal communication.

    Waldorf: Open-ended creative play is an integral part of our program. Imagination and creativity are encouraged. We do not use computers or television as a teaching tool in the classroom; we believe there is opportunity for this elsewhere.

    HighScope: Teachers observe and monitor progress of children and adapt curriculum to meet the needs of the individual child. Our day is divided into routine blocks of time, which include individual, small and large group and discovery based learning.

  6. Our Director

    Sherene Winkel is driven by her love for children and has a passion for giving each child the very best. Her career has been a lifetime of learning and a labor of love. Sherene holds each child dear to her heart, and rejoices in their success.

  7. Our Owner

    Tammisty Katz has spent a lifetime building her dance reputation on a high standard of excellence. She holds her preschool to the same standard and reputation set forth by Utah Dance Artists. Tammisty has been involved in laying the groundwork in every aspect of UDA’s Creative Arts Preschool.