UDA Creative Arts Preschool - Our Philosophy & Values

About Us

No two children are the same, and so there is no one-size-fits-all approach to education. At UDA Creative Arts Preschool in Draper, we believe in developing the whole child, and part of that is offering an individualized approach to education, carefully balancing between teacher and child-directed discovery.

We believe that a quality preschool education is a crucial foundation for your child’s educational future, and we aim to provide the tools your child will need not only for kindergarten readiness, but for a lifetime love of learning. Our curriculum encompasses Utah’s Early Childhood State Standards and ensures kindergarten readiness.

Our Philosophy

We believe that if learning isn’t fun, it’s being done wrong. Decades of research have unequivocally proven that children learn best through hands-on discovery, verbalization, dramatic play, and meaningful exploration -- in a nutshell, fun!

Your child is an informational sponge during this magical time of life, and preschool for your 2-, 3-, or 4-year-old is the time to set the stage for enjoyable learning.

Through age-appropriate practices, we provide your child with the basic building blocks for success.

Multi-sensory learning is crucial for children of this age to fully grasp important concepts. Worksheets have their place, but exploration, dancing, creating art, storytelling, and even getting messy(!) are the building blocks that really drive concepts home. When children are engaged in these fun activities, they make rich and meaningful connections they could never form from basic worksheets.

That’s why our carefully-designed curriculum at UDA Creative Arts Preschool in Draper has a heavy emphasis on the creative arts. Dance, creative movement, voice/instrumental music, art, creative play, reading, writing, math, and science provide a beautiful balance for your child’s well-rounded education. We use a thematic social studies program that works in harmony with academics to make each week a unique and exciting adventure.

We aren’t just interested in academics either. We actually specialize in developing the whole child, and promote values like kindness, empathy, courage, responsibility, and good manners. Our loving and nurturing preschool environment helps build the strongest foundation for academic, social, emotional, and physical strength.

Our Mission

Because we are a creative arts preschool, it is our mission and vision to nurture your child’s inquisitive minds in such a way that creates lasting confidence and inspires a true joy in learning. Our comprehensive curriculum based on the creative arts encourages a thirst for knowledge, a desire to achieve, and a foundation for success.

To do this, we provide a loving and nurturing environment focused on helping each child use their own strengths to reach their full potential.

Our Values

Everything we do is aimed at supporting the whole child. Our program is safe, loving, and developmentally appropriate to promote active learning. We value:

  • Innovation
  • Teamwork
  • Striving for excellence
  • Building confidence
  • Respect and support for families
  • Respect and appreciation of individuality
  • Active listening
  • Open and productive communication
  • Creative and responsible resources
  • NAEYC Code of Conduct

Our Teachers

Our dedicated teachers are carefully screened and highly trained. We also provide regular extensive, ongoing training in teaching strategies for preschool-aged children. Our teaching faculty love their students and find joy in helping them learn and develop. Through careful observation and recording, our teachers note learning patterns and styles so they can adjust and individualize their approaches to meet the needs of each child.

And because parents are a crucial component of educational success, we see parents as our partners in their child’s education. Our teacher observation and child progress are communicated regularly to parents.

We love what we do, and we know your child will feel right at home at UDA Creative Arts Preschool in Draper, Utah. Feel free to call us at (801) 523-5930 or contact us online to schedule a visit.