Did You Know Everything Your Preschool Teacher Did During Quarantine?

uda preschool teachers are amazing
We don’t mean to brag (okay, maybe a little), but we have the best preschool teachers in Utah here at UDA Creative Arts Preschool.
We’ve always known they were amazing, but that truth became even more apparent during the shut-down caused by Covid-19 this past spring.
We would be remiss if we didn’t let you in behind the scenes of just some of what our teachers did.
We could never detail every incredible act of our teachers. But through the uncertainty, the uncomfortable and the unknown, each teacher showed up and was there to support the children in their class and their parents.

Quick Adaptation

uda preschool teachers are amazing

As you’ll remember, the shut-down came suddenly. We had to quickly close our doors, and then we hurried to figure out how to deliver the same caliber of education to our students who were now safely at home.

And our teachers were there for every second of it. They spent extra hours assembling packets, doing Zoom meetings, and even taking children on virtual hikes.

We were so impressed that our teachers didn’t wait for permission to act. They loved the children and figured out how to continue connecting and teaching through a completely unprecedented and unexpected time.

Personal Interactions

In addition to conducting regular Zoom meetings, spending hours filming instruction and demonstration videos for each preschool subject, reading books on film, creating comprehensive packets with all necessary supplies, and more, we discovered our teachers were ALSO reaching out personally to their students.

Our teachers often noticed a child really wanted to talk during Zoom rug-time (which is difficult to do when there are so many kids at rug-time). Many times, a teacher would call a child after Zoom rug-time and say, “I noticed you had something you want to say at rug time. I really want to hear what you have to say. Will you please tell me?”

Teachers remembered birthdays and celebrated over Zoom or by mail. They also sent personal notes to their students, even when it wasn’t their birthday.

Parent/Teacher Conferences

More than ever, parents needed support during the quarantine. More than ever, parents needed another eye on their children to help them understand their strengths.

Our amazing preschool teachers held virtual parent/teacher conferences with parents to help parents understand their children’s continued progress and areas of focus.

Unique Ways to Connect

Our teachers’ creativity only expanded during the pandemic. We loved how they continued to find ways to connect, even when we were all so limited.
Miss Jeni took her class on virtual field trips and sent “signs of spring” photos to the children. She also asked the children to send pictures of what they found on their own nature walks.
Other teachers reached out to show things they were doing at their home (gardening, art, etc), and asked the children to share what they had been doing at home with their families.
Many children sent photos and the teachers shared them on our class sharing app.
Teachers continued to let the children do show-and-tell to stay connected with their classmates via Zoom or BLoomz (our class sharing app).

Graduation and Carnival

Our end-of-the-year carnival and graduation was different than previous years, but still so fun, uplifting, and celebratory.

Our teachers did a great job keeping the feeling festive while still practicing safe social distancing.

Some teachers even attended personal “drive by” graduations for those children who couldn’t come.

Thank You

Our teachers genuinely missed the children, and they went out of their way to show it.

We love and appreciate these women who truly care about the children they teach so much. All of our lead teachers have degrees in early childhood or elementary education and know the impact and importance of these early years. Additionally, they are all highly trained with more that 30 hours of training throughout the school year.
Our preschool is full of teachers who care enough to give their all no matter what the circumstances may be. We watched teachers show up for their children and put genuine smiles on their faces through tough times, and we couldn’t be more inspired or impressed.
UDA Creative Arts Preschool is a truly unique place. We love all the parents and children in our community, and we appreciate the support we feel back from you.

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